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Hair Loss Consultation

• Female Pattern Hair Loss
• Male Pattern Hair Loss
• Pregnancy Hair Loss
• Alopecia Areata
• Seasonal Shedding
• Alopecia Areata
• Seasonal Shedding
• Localized Hair Loss

Duration: 1 hr

Scalp Disorder Consultation

• Dry Dandruff
• Oily Dandruff
• Seborrheic Dermatitis (Scalp Eczema)
• Cradle Cap
• Ringworm
• Head Lice
• Scalp Psoriasis
• Lichen Planus
• Folliculitis
• Impetigo

Duration: 1 hr

Scalp Residue Treatment

These in-salon care treatment is formulated to purify and detoxify the scalp from any residue left by gels, mousses, hairspray, other styling products and some shampoos & conditioners. These treatment is recommended 1-2 times a year. 

Duration: 30 Mins

Duration: 1 Hour + 15 Mins

Personalized Mask & Serum Scalp Treatments

• Density Control Mask & Serum
• Fine & Thinning Mask Serum
• Peeling Mask & Serum

Duration: 1 Hour
Price Varies

Laser Scalp Therapy Sessions

It is recommended to do 3-4 sessions a week for optimal results.


Duration: 15 Mins

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